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You now have access to the greatest Vocal Training Techniques and Singing Lessons in the universe.  The Mike Singer Vocals And Singing Guide provides a unique, dynamic and comprehensive approach to developing breath control, vocalizations and singing abilities.  It examines and expands upon all that vocalists and singers thought they knew.  In simple terms it gives you the exact same system that I have developed and use daily to continue expanding and improving upon my ability to sing.  I use it for myself.  I use it for my private students.  Now YOU will be able to use it to develop your ability to sing.

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Lesson 1 - The Five Systems For Vocalizing And Singing

Lesson 2 - A Singer's Best Friend

Lesson 3 - Vocalizing With Half Steps

Lesson 4 - Vocalizing With Whole Steps

Lesson 5 - Vocalizing With The Major Scale

Lesson 6 - Vocalizing With Musical Intervals

Lesson 7 - Vocalizing With Vowels

Lesson 8 - Vocalizing With Words Lesson 9 - Developing Vocal Tone

Lesson 10 - Singing Chord Tones And Songs


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