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Package Deals

Package Deals


I always say there is a difference between a "player" and a "teacher."  And there are big differences between teachers, good teachers and great teachers.  A "Teacher" is someone who can play an instrument and is merely looking to make a buck.  They don't really care about the student.  Students come and go.  And they do not have a very effective system for helping others learn.  A "Good Teacher" is someone who may or may not care about the student.  They have a fairly decent system for helping others learn over time.  A "Great Teacher" is someone who genuinely cares about the student and wants them to succeed.  They have the perfect system for helping others learn as much as they can as fast as they can.  And they have a passion for doing such for the benefit of the student.  I am a Great Teacher.  I have the perfect system.  It is a step-by-step system... a comprehensive and methodical set of building blocks... a blueprint for YOUR success.  My private students pay me $50 per lesson.  Some pay me $100 to work with the entire family.  Now you can get any one of my lessons for just $20.  I stand in front of the camera explaining and demonstrating every possible perspective and technique just as I would while standing in front of my private students.  When I leave a student's home they pay me $50 - $100 and they do not see me again for another week or two.  You will be paying $20 for the exact same lesson they get.  And you can see me anytime you want simply by watching my video lessons 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for up to 30 days.  My lessons are simply AWESOME... they are simply the BEST... they are the GREATEST LESSONS IN THE UNIVERSE.  


The Mike Singer Guitar Players Guide consists of 40 Guitar Lessons that include beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons.

Guitar Lessons 


The Mike Singer Piano Players Guide is a 6-step system that will enable you to rapidly and fully understand the piano.

Piano Lessons 


The Mike Singer Drum Players Guide is my methodical step-by-step approach to playing the drums.

Drum Lessons 


Mike Singer's bass lessons provide a unique & dynamic approach to understanding and playing bass.

Bass Lessons 


Mike's ukulele lessons give you all the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful ukulele player.

Ukelele Lessons 


The Mike Singer Vocals and Singing Guide provides a unique & dynamic approach to developing breath control, vocalizations, and singing abilities.

Vocal Lessons 


Music Reading Lessons 



Mike's music theory lessons provide a dynamic approach to understanding music.

Music Theory Lessons