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Six (6) Superior Piano Lessons That Will Take You From A Beginner... Knowing Nothing... To An Advanced Player Knowing Everything.  This Is Truly A Miraculous System!


You now have access to the greatest piano lessons in the universe.  The Mike Singer Piano Players Guide is my proprietary 6-Step System that will enable you to rapidly and fully understand the piano, every aspect of how it work and how to play it.  You will be able to play ANY song in ANY book as you will know how to play ANY chord in a short amount of time. 

Online Video Piano Lessons

Purchase Any Lesson and it Will Be Emailed To You Within 24 Hours!

$20 Per Lesson


Buy ALL Six Piano Lessons

AND Music Theory AND Reading Music



SAVE $41


Lesson 1 - Acclimation/Familiarization (Mental & Physical/Mechanical)

Lesson 2 - The Management System (Major Scale In All Keys)

Lesson 3 - Musical Intervals

Lesson 4 - Chords: Major, minor, diminished, Augmented

Lesson 5 - Chord Inversions (Root, 1st, 2nd)

Lesson 6 - Left Hand Root / Playing Any Chord

Lesson 7 - Music Theory

Lesson 8 - Reading Music